Juniper Systems Inc.

Founded in 1993, Juniper Systems (Juniper) is now a world-leader in ultra-rugged hand-held computers and intuitive field computing solutions. Juniper designs, manufactures, and services all of its products and works closely with customers and business partners locally and internationally to create integrated solutions.

IMG-Golder Corporation

IMG-Golder Corporation (IMG-Golder) is an Inuvialuit environmental consulting company, jointly owned by Inuvialuit business partners and Golder Associates Ltd. Located in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region of the Northwest Territories, since over 10 years, IMG-Golder offers a broad range of innovative, environmental and engineering services to its private and public sector clients across Canada’s North and in particular in the Arctic.

EverNorth Consulting

EverNorth provides a comprehensive suite of research, communications, and engagement expertise to its clients, focusing on the human dimensions of natural resource management in the North. Our projects have recently included mentoring/training in socio-cultural, geographical, and historical research (including traditional land and knowledge studies), impact assessments, aboriginal consultation, and community-based harvesting studies

Thorpe Consulting Services

Thorpe Consulting Services is dedicated to providing clients with resource and environmental solutions grounded in a framework of integrity, innovation, and integration. Thorpe Consulting Services was established in early 2011 with the goal of providing assistance with research, engagement, training and capacity-building related to traditional knowledge, community-based monitoring, and environmental assessment. We work for a diverse client base, including First Nations and Inuit organizations, government, industry, and academia.

Colibri Software

Colibri Software is a software development company which builds a context-aware web-based platform.  Colibri believes entrepreneurs, small businesses, and communities should have the opportunity to offer websites that deliver content based on a user's context.  Context-aware focused websites result in decreasing the time it takes users to find the information they need and ultimately leads to increased user satisfaction. Colibri Software was started in 2010 by John Read to build high quality, innovative software which leverages the amazing local talent produced each year by Acadia University.

Strata360 Ltd

Strata360 Ltd, established in 1998, is a Montreal-based consulting firm. Strata360 develops geospatial data management tools and web applications and web sites for Canadian and international clients. Strata360 has a broad range of products and provide services that include web site development, geographic information systems, print cartography, digital maps, satellite imagery, and multimedia content formats to serve a wide spectrum of applications ranging from land use to natural resource management and environmental protection.

Frostbyte Interactive Inc.

Frostbyte Interactive delivers innovative IT solutions for a variety of projects. From capacity building in Arctic Canada, to modernizing farming in rural Nova Scotia, to streamlining post-secondary student services, our organizing principle lies in targeted sociocultural-appropriate strategies. We offer an end-to-end service delivery model, including: assessment, research and development, procurement, technical and media-rich reporting, and training initiatives, pairing individuals and businesses with technology to best mobilize resources.

TrailMark Systems Inc

TrailMark Systems Inc. (TrailMark), founded in 2014, is a collaborative team of biologists, social scientists, and software developers. With strategic offices on both the east and west coasts of Canada, they offer a customizable system for gathering and managing land-use data, traditional ecological knowledge, and other information within indigenous communities. TrailMark also facilitates community engagement initiatives, harvest studies, impact assessments, crowd-sourced mapping and more.