November, 2013: Noreca and Juniper Systems team up to develop total software solution for snow depth sensor data collection.

Hitting the slopes is an increasingly high-tech activity. For one, effective maintenance of ski hills requires reliable snow depth data to improve snow-sport enthusiast experience and safety.

Noreca is addressing this with the development of an inclusive suite of technologies to enhance Campbell Scientific’s state-of-the-art snow depth sensor model (CS710) mounted on ski hill grooming equipment. We have created a mobile application (optimized for Windows 8) that provides real-time snow depth information to Snowcat operators. Snow depth data are transmitted to a tablet via Bluetooth, feeding into a cloud-accessible database.

Ski hill managers and administrators can then access data in real-time through an intuitive web-based user interface, designed by Noreca. This suite of tools will improve logistical coordination and resource allocation for optimal grooming.