WebDrogue Marine Protected Area (MPA) Analysis Tool

Client: Environmental Science Department, Acadia University and Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) (Canada)
Duration: 2007-2008

Technology: Java, Eclipse IDE, Desktop Application

Noreca was contracted to develop an extension and interactive mapping application for the Department of Fisheries (DFO) WebDrogue drift prediction model. WebDrogue is a Java-based software application that allows users to track particles in flow fields created by combining seasonal mean currents, tidal flows, and additional contributions due to wind. It is a model that is currently applicable to the Canadian east coast. The new model extension is aimed at providing capabilities for assessing scenarios of marine protected area (MPA) connectivity. MPAs provide a wide array of ecological benefits, including the enhanced recruitment of fish species by protecting habitats important for spawning, recruitment of larval stages, protection of biodiversity and migration locations and routes for endangered species. Establishment of MPAs need to take into account the design of networks of MPAs in order to facilitate successful recruitment and conservation of marine organisms.