Tropical Tree Ecosystem and Community Simulator (TRECOS)

Client: Tulane University & Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Duration: 2007– ongoing

Technology:  Java, JBuilder, Eclipse IDE

As part of a multi-year project Noreca helped Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory simulate long-term carbon dynamics in old-growth forest of the Amazon. TRECOS is an individual-based, stochastic computer model to simulate carbon dynamics of live and dead trees in a Central Amazon rain forest near Manaus, Brazil. The model, funded by Tulane University and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, is based on analyses of extensive field studies carried out on permanent forest inventory plots, and synthesis of published studies. Noreca was asked to develop a cross-platform, Java-based user interface for data visualization and analysis. Over the years we have added multiple features for spatial data output and episodic mortality events such as windfalls. A recent scientific report was published in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Science (PNAS). Click here