Peary Caribou Simulation Model (PCSimMod)

Client: Department of Environment (Nunavut), Environment Canada
Duration:  2004 – 2006 & 2013 - ongoing

Technology: C++, Borland Builder IDE

In this project Noreca was working in collaboration with the Department of Environment, Nunavut and Inuit representatives to conduct wildlife ecological research and apply simulation models on the effects of climate change on high arctic Peary caribou (Rangifer tarandus pearyi). One case study focused on the Bathurst Island population of Peary caribou. In this study we assessed the net effects of climate change with a spatially explicit simulation model calibrated with data from the Bathurst Island complex (BIC) in the Canadian High Arctic. In particular, we asked under which climate change scenarios populations depart from the current conditions and either suffer or benefit from changes in the climate. We are now working with Environment Canada (EC) to further enhance the simulation model for assessing potential threats and mitigation scenarios as part of EC’s Species-At-Risk recovery strategy.