April, 2011: Noreca Report on incidental take by mechanical operations estimate annual loss of several Million birds on agricultural lands in Canada

In collaboration with Environment Canada Noreca developed a modeling protocol and extensive meta-analysis about bird mortality on agricultural lands. It is unique as it is the first attempt to estimate total incidental take by agricultural operations across Canada. Based on our calculations for 24 species across Canada the total annual estimated incidental take of young birds could be as high as 1,3 Million for American goldfinch. Estimated net losses to the fall flight of birds (i.e., those birds which would have fledged successfully in the absence of mechanical disturbance) were, for example 320,700 for bobolink and 455,750 for American goldfinch. For non-waterfowl species we estimated that between 0.6% and 21.9% of the total population size are annually killed through mechanical operations.